Регіональне врядування та розвиток - Regional Governance and Development
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Gender Equality

The Constitution of Ukraine enshrines equal rights and freedom for all citizens; thus the Government of Ukraine has been mandated to strengthen gender equality in Ukrainian society. Despite these policy commitments and significant progress in the last number of years, traditional values and attitudes persist. There is not enough public awareness and deep understanding that various groups have different needs and require different conditions for a more equitable access to resources and involvement in decision making that directly affects them.


According to UNDP, women control less than 10 percent of economic resources. Women make up 38 percent of the total number of entrepreneurs having their own individual business, and manage 26 percent of small enterprises, 15 percent of medium, and 12 percent of large ones. Only 2 percent of industry business managers are women. While women play a key role in Ukraine’s economy, their wage rates are on average 68.6 percent that of men’s. Women also generally take on the majority of household duties. 35 percent of women named family problems as one of the main challenges towards professional and career growth, while only 8 percent of male respondents are concerned about these issues. In addition, 48 percent of the population is involved in caring for children, elderly or those ill, making it the highest index in Europe. Ukraine dropped from the 48th position in 2006 to the 63rd position out of 163 countries for based on its gender equality and human rights record, according to the 2010 Global Gender Gap Index of the United Nations.

About the project

The Regional Governance and Development (RGD) Project is an eight-year initiative that promotes regional economic development (RED) in Ukraine. RGD’s current efforts focus on working with its Ukrainian partners to establish a practical in-service training program on RED for some 600 civil servants from 13 oblasts across Ukraine.


Strategic Planning of Regional Economic Development in RED
Social and Gender Impact Assessment in RED
Environmental Sustainability in RED

Collaborating Projects:

Municipal Local Economic Development Program (MLED)

Policy Reform and Implementation Support Mechanism (PRISM)

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