Регіональне врядування та розвиток - Regional Governance and Development
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The e-RED network is a knowledge hub for public servants at all levels of government, scholars, trainers and experts interested in regional economic development. It provides a forum for exchanging and sharing best practices, methodologies and experiences related to project management, strategic planning, public-private partnerships, and alternative financing models. More specifically, e-RED is a learning and training tool that provides relevant materials developed by the RGD Project since 2005.


Currently, e-RED is used as a platform for the RGD’s practice-based training program that consists of the following courses:


1.    Participatory Strategic Planning and Monitoring and Evaluation of Strategy execution for Sustainable Regional Growth

2.    Operationalizing Sustainable Economic Growth through Project Management

3.    Alternative Financing of Economic Growth: Public Private Partnerships, Regional Contracts and Capital Investments.


Presently, the course curriculum is available for RGD Project Training of Trainers (ToT) Program trainees only. Other resource materials related to regional economic development are accessible without registration. These include research documents, policy reviews and publications on gender equality and environmental protection in regional development; clusters and economic development; and adult learning methodologies.


If you are interested in any of the above-mentioned materials or in the training program please contact the RGD office Tel: +380 44 390-7087 or e-mail Ihor Sanzharovskyi, Ukraine Project Manager at: isanzharovskyi@canurb.org


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Note: all materials are in Ukrainian only.

About the project

The Regional Governance and Development (RGD) Project is a seven-year initiative that promotes regional economic development (RED) in Ukraine. RGD’s current efforts focus on working with its Ukrainian partners to establish a practical in-service training program on RED for some 600 civil servants from 13 oblasts across Ukraine.


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Collaborating Projects:

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