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RGD Intern Returns Back to the United States

Anatoliy Shatkovskyy, a graduate student at the University of Arkansas Clinton School Of Public Service, has spent the last three months as an intern at the RGD Kyiv office. Anatoliy conducted best practice research on regional development and regional governance, created an online communication strategy for the project, and contributed to overall improvements to the RGD website.

“I hope that my contributions to the project, especially the materials that I developed, will be helpful to the RGD project, Ukrainian experts and to public officials, who could use them to further improve regional policy in Ukraine” – says Anatoliy. Describing his overall experience with the project, he mentions: “While conducting my research, I was pleasantly surprised to find more and more evidence that showed how effectively a country could develop as a whole, if its regions concentrate on their own economic development separately (even taking different approaches to development).”

During his internship, Anatoliy was able to observe many ideas he has learnt about during his graduate studies in practice. He observed that effective government structures are not solely responsible for development, but that participation of citizens and private companies is equally as important. He also learnt how decision-making power at the regional level promotes further overall development across the country.

This corresponds with ideas of former President Clinton, who periodically visits the university where Anatoliy is studying. –“President Clinton always stresses the fact that every small positive action could result in social change”.

The RGD team thanks Anatoliy for his work and wishes him successful completion of his studies.

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The Regional Governance and Development (RGD) Project is a seven-year initiative that promotes regional economic development (RED) in Ukraine. RGD’s current efforts focus on working with its Ukrainian partners to establish a practical in-service training program on RED for some 600 civil servants from 13 oblasts across Ukraine.


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