Регіональне врядування та розвиток - Regional Governance and Development
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A Student from the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service Joins the RGD team


This summer, Anatoliy Shatkovskyy, will be completing an internship at the RGD office in Kyiv. This internship is part of his graduate studies at the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service. The Clinton School is the 7th and newest presidential school in the United States and it is the only graduate program in the nation to offer the Master of Public Service degree. The degree is a global leadership program with a strong emphasis on social change. An integral part of the program is field service projects that place the students around the globe in order to learn about and to help facilitate social change.


Shatkovskyy was quite delighted to hear that he was offered a position with the RGD project. “I’m very happy to join the RGD team in Kyiv and learn more about regional development in my home country, Ukraine,” Shatkovskyy said. “I am also excited to apply the knowledge that I have gained in the United States and do my best to contribute to the wonderful work that the RGD project does.”


Shatkovskyy is spending 10 weeks as a member of the RGD team. During this time he will be working on best practices research for regional and urban development with a focus on monitoring and evaluating national legislature for regional development. Shatkovskyy’s work will help the RGD project in making the public in Ukraine more aware about regional development strategies around the world and in making recommendations to the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing of Ukraine on implementing the State Strategy for Regional Development.

About the project

The Regional Governance and Development (RGD) Project is a seven-year initiative that promotes regional economic development (RED) in Ukraine. RGD’s current efforts focus on working with its Ukrainian partners to establish a practical in-service training program on RED for some 600 civil servants from 13 oblasts across Ukraine.


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